Nicola Sahhar

Director / East Jerusalem Office / Palestine

About Nicola Sahhar

Nicola holds a Palestinian Certificate in public accountancy and is licensed to practice in Palestine. With more than 18 years of experience in Assurance and Advisory Services, he has acquired diverse expertise across various industries, encompassing private companies, funded projects, not-for-profit organizations, churches, schools, and universities. His professional background includes extensive involvement in donors’ audits, such as those conducted by the US Agency for International Development (USAID), other federal agencies, European Commission, World Bank, GIZ, among others. Nicola possesses comprehensive knowledge of Palestinian and Israeli taxes, salaries tax, national insurance, labor laws, and human resource services. In addition to his technical proficiency, he has served as a team leader in numerous consultancy engagements for governmental institutions and international companies. Dedicated to delivering high-quality services, Nicola has honed his skills to effectively cater to clients’ needs and uphold stringent standards in service provision. Qualifications Certified Public Accountant (PCPA), Palestine Member of the Palestinian Institute of Certified Public Accountant B.A. in Accounting – Bethlehem University