Mohammad Al-Kaluti

Assistant Manager Ramallah Office Palestine

About Mohammad Al-Kaluti

Mohammad serves as an Assistant Manager in the audit and assurance services team. He has over 5 years of experience in the areas of audit and assurance in Palestine. He has obtained his experience through his work in various industries, public interest companies and consolidated groups, including but not limited to, Insurance companies, Microfinancing companies, Telecommunication companies, Medical services companies, Not-for-profit and governmental organizations, Commerce & Retail, funded projects, and others. Mohammad is involved in planning and reviewing the auditing activities, analyzing risks and developing measures to mitigate them, managing teams and allocating responsibilities, preparing audited financial reports, in addition, acting as a support team for the various audit engagement management systems. Mohammad had proper knowledge and experience in internal controls over business processes and financial reporting. Qualifications BA in Accounting , Birzeit University, Ramallah – Palestine, 2018