Anton Hindo, CPA

Engagement Manager / East Jerusalem Office / Palestine

About Anton Hindo, CPA

Anton is an Engagement Manager, has a BA in Accounting from Birzeit University; a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) from state of Colorado. Anton has around 11 years experience in Audit and Assurance Services. Anton has been involved in a wide range of auditing and assurance engagements covering various sectors including companies, local and international not for profit organizations, educational institutions and churches in Palestine, Israel and Jordan. Anton has been involved in several assignments in Audit and Assurance services for Churches, Educational Institutions and Christian Organizations. Anton was assigned in several Internal Audit, Accounting, Consultancy, Taxation and Liquidation engagements for many entities. Anton has tailored his skills to best serve clients, and best meet high quality standards when providing services to clients. Qualifications Certified Public Accountant (CPA), USA. B.A. in Accounting – Birzeit University, Palestine, 2012